Review 2023: An In-Depth Look

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I. Introduction

In the constantly evolving world of affiliate marketing, having a reliable and effective ad-tracking solution is crucial for success.

Today, we’ll dive deep into, a popular ad-tracking platform, and analyse its features, pricing, and overall value for affiliate marketers in 2023.

II. Key Features of (2023)

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A. Real-time Data Tracking and Reporting

  1. Event Tracking Capabilities boasts an impressive range of event-tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor every aspect of your campaigns with precision.

From clicks and conversions to revenue and impressions, this platform helps you keep a close eye on your campaign performance in real time.

  1. Customisable Reporting Options

The platform offers a variety of customisable reporting options, enabling you to create tailor-made reports based on your specific needs.

With advanced filtering and data segmentation, allows you to focus on the metrics that matter most to you and your campaigns.

B. Impression Tracking and Cookieless Conversion Tracking

  1. Cookieless Tracking Technology

As privacy regulations become stricter, cookieless tracking has become increasingly important. is equipped with advanced cookieless tracking technology, ensuring accurate and reliable tracking even in the absence of cookies.

  1. Benefits of Impression Tracking

Impression tracking is essential for understanding the overall reach and effectiveness of your campaigns.

By offering impression-tracking capabilities, provides a comprehensive view of your campaigns’ performance and helps you make data-driven decisions.

C. AI-powered Traffic Distribution

  1. Intelligent Traffic Routing

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence,’s intelligent traffic routing system ensures that your traffic is directed to the most suitable offers, maximising your chances of conversion.

  1. Algorithmic Optimisation for Conversions

The platform uses advanced algorithms to continuously optimise your campaigns for better conversion rates.

By analysing your campaign data, automatically identifies areas for improvement and adjusts your traffic distribution accordingly.

D. Multidimensional Reporting and Analytics

  1. Customisable Report Layouts offers a high degree of customisation when it comes to reporting layouts.

You can choose from various templates and visualisations, making it easy to create insightful and actionable reports.

  1. Advanced Filtering and Data Segmentation

With advanced filtering and data segmentation features, allows you to drill down into your campaign data and uncover valuable insights.

This enables you to identify trends, patterns, and growth opportunities.

E. Customisable Dashboards and Notifications

  1. Personalised User Interface

The platform offers a fully customisable user interface, allowing you to create a personalised dashboard that caters to your specific needs.

This makes it easy to access the data and metrics that are most important to you at a glance.

  1. Real-time Alerts and Notifications keeps you in the loop with real-time alerts and notifications, ensuring you’re always up to date on your campaign performance.

You can set custom thresholds for various metrics, and the platform will notify you when these thresholds are reached.

F. Collaboration and Team Management Tools

  1. Multi-user Access and Permissions supports multi-user access and permissions, making it easy for your team members to collaborate on campaigns.

You can assign different levels of access and control, ensuring that each team member has the appropriate level of visibility.

  1. Activity Monitoring and Audit Trails

The platform includes activity monitoring and audit trail features, allowing you to keep track of your team’s actions and maintain accountability.

This is particularly useful for large teams or when working with external partners.

G. Integration with Popular Ad Networks, Traffic Sources, and Affiliate Networks

  1. Supported Platforms offers seamless integration with a wide range of popular ad networks, traffic sources, and affiliate networks.

This allows you to manage your campaigns across multiple platforms from a single, unified dashboard.

  1. API Integrations and Webhooks

The platform also supports API integrations and webhooks, enabling you to connect with your existing tools and systems.

This ensures a smooth and streamlined workflow across your entire marketing stack.

III. User Experience and Interface

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A. Ease of Use and Navigation

  1. User-friendly Design boasts a user-friendly design, making it easy for users of all skill levels to navigate and use the platform.

The clean and intuitive layout ensures that you can quickly find the information you need without any hassle.

  1. Mobile Responsiveness

The platform is fully mobile-responsive, allowing you to manage your campaigns on the go.

This is particularly useful for busy affiliate marketers who need to keep an eye on their campaigns while away from their desks.

B. Onboarding and Setup Process

  1. Getting Started with

Getting started with is a breeze, thanks to its straightforward onboarding process.

The platform offers helpful guides and tutorials to help you set up your campaigns and start tracking your performance in no time.

  1. Available Resources and Tutorials provides a wealth of resources and tutorials to help you make the most of its features.

From detailed guides and how-to articles to video tutorials and webinars, there’s plenty of material available to help you master the platform.

C. Customer Support and Resources

  1. Support Channels offers various support channels, including email, live chat, and a dedicated help centre.

This ensures that you can easily get assistance when you need it.

  1. Knowledge Base and Community Forums

The platform also features an extensive knowledge base and community forums, allowing you to access a wealth of information and interact with other users.

This can be particularly helpful for learning tips and tricks from fellow marketers and staying up to date with the latest platform updates.

IV. Pricing and Plans

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A. Overview of Pricing Tiers

Affiliate Pricing offers three distinct pricing plans to cater to the diverse needs of affiliate marketers, from solo media buyers to enterprise-level clients.

  1. Solo Plan: Ideal for individual media buyers looking to increase revenue and reduce ad waste. Priced at $149 per month (save $298 with annual billing), this plan includes 3 million tracking events per month, unlimited tracking and attribution, free SSLs, filters, rotations, and caps. It also offers 20+ API-integrated ad networks, STOP & GO automation, auto-optimization, and email and live chat support. This plan is designed for one user and provides data storage for 18 months.
  2. Team Plan: Designed for affiliate teams seeking effective collaboration and unlimited scalability. At $249 per month (save $498 with annual billing), this plan includes all Solo features, plus multi-user support, roles and permissions, 2 additional users, logs to the cloud (upon request), and 24 months of data storage. The Partner Management add-on is also available.
  3. Enterprise Plan: Perfect for businesses with larger volumes and revenue, this plan offers automation and dedicated support. Priced at $7,490 per year, it includes everything from the Team Plan, as well as 10 additional users, full API access, a dedicated API endpoint, the AUTOMATION+ add-on, dedicated support, and 36 months of data storage.

Advertisers Pricing

image of a black background displaying the different pricing tiers for redtrack io advertisers presents three well-defined pricing plans, catering to the diverse needs of advertisers, ranging from businesses with smaller revenues to those with substantial income.

  1. Grow Plan: Perfect for businesses with up to $1M in annual revenue, aiming to track ads effectively and ensure accurate sales attribution. Priced at $149 per month (save $298 with annual billing), this plan offers unlimited campaign tracking and revenue attribution, conversion path reporting, attribution modelling, and 20+ API integrated channels for automation and CAPI. It supports one website or web store and provides auto-optimization, email and live chat support, and 18 months of data storage.
  2. Scale Plan: Designed for businesses with up to $6M in annual revenue, seeking advanced attribution, partner marketing, and the ability to connect unlimited stores. At $299 per month (save $598 with annual billing), this plan includes all Grow features, along with advanced conversion path reporting, advanced attribution modeling, partner and referral management, and support for unlimited websites or web stores. Additionally, the Scale plan offers 24 months of data storage and a reporting portal.
  3. Prevail Plan: Ideal for businesses generating over $12M in annual revenue, looking to expand their advertising efforts and gain full API access. Priced at $7,490 per year, the Prevail plan encompasses all Scale features, as well as support for 10 users, full API access, click and conversion logs to the cloud, and 36 months of data storage.

B. Comparison with Competitors

  1. Pricing Differences

When compared to its competitors, offers competitive pricing and a comprehensive set of features.

Depending on your needs and budget, you may find to be more cost-effective than some other tracking solutions on the market.

  1. Value Proposition’s value proposition lies in its combination of powerful features, ease of use, and competitive pricing.

This makes it an attractive option for affiliate marketers looking for a reliable and effective tracking solution.

C. Post Affiliate Pro: A Competitor to

Overview of Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate tracking software that caters to businesses looking to run and manage their affiliate programmes. It provides a range of features including real-time tracking, performance reports, and custom commission structures. While focuses primarily on ad tracking and attribution for affiliate marketers and media buyers, Post Affiliate Pro’s core purpose is to help businesses manage their affiliate programmes and track the performance of their affiliates.

Comparison of Features

Tracking and Attribution

Both and Post Affiliate Pro offer tracking and attribution features; however, their focus and target audience differ. is designed for affiliate marketers and advertisers, providing comprehensive ad tracking, campaign management, and optimisation tools.

Post Affiliate Pro, on the other hand, is geared towards businesses looking to run affiliate programmes, offering features like affiliate management, commission structures, and performance reporting.

Ease of Use and Integration

Both platforms aim to provide an easy-to-use interface and seamless integration with various tools and platforms. offers integration with numerous ad networks and traffic sources, making it easier for affiliate marketers to manage their campaigns.

Post Affiliate Pro supports integration with popular e-commerce platforms, content management systems, and payment gateways, ensuring smooth operation for businesses running affiliate programmes.

Post Affiliate Pro Pricing

image showing the different pricing tiers for post affiliate pro

Post Affiliate Pro offers three distinct pricing plans to cater to businesses with varying needs in terms of affiliate programme management.

Pro Plan

Ideal for businesses looking to create a simple affiliate programme, the Pro plan is priced at £93 ($129) per month when billed annually or £100 ($139) with monthly billing.

This plan includes 1 million tracking requests per month, unlimited affiliates, over 220 integrations, and more than 125 plugins.

Additionally, the Pro plan offers advanced reporting, a customisable interface with themes, full setup and integration, and lifetime support.

Ultimate Plan

The Ultimate plan is perfect for businesses aiming to create a more elaborate affiliate programme.

Priced at £179 ($249) per month when billed annually or £193 ($269) with monthly billing, this plan covers 6 million tracking requests per month and includes all the Pro plan features.

The Ultimate plan also offers performance rewards, multiple administrators, lifetime referral management, site replication, and a forced matrix.

Post Affiliate Network Plan

Designed for individuals looking to build an affiliate network, the Post Affiliate Network plan costs £431 ($599) per month when billed annually or £467 ($649) with monthly billing.

This plan includes 20 million tracking requests per month, multiple merchant accounts, a membership subscription manager, prepaid network accounts, branding-free options, smart links, an audit log, and lifetime support.

Comparison of and Post Affiliate Pro Pricing

When comparing the pricing of and Post Affiliate Pro, it is essential to consider their target audiences and use cases.’s pricing structure is designed for affiliate marketers, media buyers, and advertisers, with plans offering various features and tracking event limits.

In contrast, Post Affiliate Pro’s pricing plans cater to businesses of different sizes looking to manage and track their affiliate programmes.

While both platforms offer tiered pricing structures to accommodate users’ diverse needs, the focus of each platform differs. centres around ad tracking and attribution, while Post Affiliate Pro focuses on affiliate programme management.

When evaluating the two platforms, consider your specific requirements and objectives to determine the most suitable solution for your tracking and management needs.

D. Value for Money

  1. Assessing the Return on Investment

When considering the return on investment (ROI) of using, it’s important to factor in the time and resources saved by using a comprehensive tracking platform.

By streamlining your campaign management and providing valuable insights, can significantly improve your overall ROI.

  1. Cost-effectiveness for Different User Types’s tiered pricing structure ensures that it offers cost-effective solutions for a wide range of users.

Whether you’re a solo affiliate marketer, a small business, or a large enterprise, you can find a plan that offers the right balance of features and affordability.

V. Performance and Reliability

A. Accuracy of Tracking and Reporting

  1. Data Consistency

One of the key strengths of is its data consistency. By providing accurate and reliable tracking and reporting, the platform ensures that you have access to trustworthy data for making informed decisions.

  1. Real-time Updates’s real-time updates ensure that you always have access to the latest data on your campaigns. This is essential for making timely adjustments and optimising your campaigns for maximum performance.

B. Speed and Performance

  1. Dashboard Load Times

The platform’s dashboard load times are impressive, ensuring that you can quickly access the information you need without any delays. This is particularly important for busy affiliate marketers who need to stay on top of their campaigns.

  1. Reporting Speed’s reporting speed is another standout feature, allowing you to generate detailed reports and visualisations in a matter of seconds. This can be a game-changer for marketers who need to access data quickly and efficiently.

C. Security and Data Privacy

  1. Data Protection Measures takes data protection seriously, implementing robust security measures to safeguard your data. These measures include encryption, regular backups, and secure data centres, ensuring that your information is well-protected.

  1. GDPR and Other Privacy Compliance

The platform is fully compliant with GDPR and other privacy regulations, giving you peace of mind when it comes to data privacy. is committed to maintaining high standards of data protection and keeping your information secure.

VI. Pros and Cons

A. Advantages of Using

  1. Standout Features

Some of the standout features of include its real-time tracking capabilities, AI-powered traffic distribution, and advanced reporting options. These features make it a powerful and flexible solution for affiliate marketers.

  1. Key Differentiators’s key differentiators include its ease of use, competitive pricing, and commitment to data security. These factors set it apart from its competitors and make it an attractive choice for affiliate marketers

B. Areas for Improvement or Potential Drawbacks

  1. Limitations

While offers a comprehensive set of features, some users may find certain limitations, such as the absence of some specific integrations or advanced features found in more expensive platforms.

However, these limitations are often balanced out by the platform’s overall value and affordability.

  1. User Feedback and Concerns

Some users have reported occasional issues with the platform’s speed and performance during peak times.

However, it’s worth noting that is continually working on improving its infrastructure and addressing any concerns raised by its users.

VIII. Comparison with Competitors

A. Top Competitors in the Market

  1. Major Players

Some of the major players in the ad tracking market include Voluum, FunnelFlux, and Post Affiliate Pro. These solutions, along with, are all popular choices for affiliate marketers looking for reliable tracking platforms.

  1. Emerging Solutions

There are also several emerging solutions in the market, such as BeMob, AnyTrack, and ThriveTracker. While these platforms may not yet have the same market share as the major players, they offer interesting features and are worth considering for certain use cases.

B. Feature and Pricing Comparisons

  1. Side-by-side Analysis

When comparing with its competitors, it’s essential to conduct a side-by-side analysis of their features and pricing. This will help you identify the best option based on your specific needs and budget.

  1. Identifying the Best Option for Different Needs

Different tracking platforms cater to different needs, so it’s crucial to understand which solution is the most suitable for your particular situation.

By evaluating the features, pricing, and user feedback of each platform, you can make an informed decision on the best tracking solution for your affiliate marketing efforts.

IX. Conclusion

A. Recap of’s Strengths and Weaknesses

  1. Key Selling Points’s key selling points include its real-time tracking capabilities, AI-powered traffic distribution, advanced reporting options, ease of use, competitive pricing, and commitment to data security.

These factors make it a strong contender in the ad tracking market.

  1. Areas for Consideration

While there are some limitations and occasional performance issues, is continually working to improve its platform and address user concerns. Overall, its strengths outweigh its weaknesses, making it a compelling choice for many affiliate marketers.

B. Recommendations for Specific User Groups or Business Types

  1. Ideal Users is an ideal solution for affiliate marketers of all sizes, from solo operators to large enterprises. Its flexible pricing plans and comprehensive feature set make it suitable for a wide range of users.

  1. Situations Where Alternatives May Be More Suitable

In some cases, alternative platforms may be more suitable depending on your specific requirements. If you need a particular integration or advanced feature not offered by, it’s worth exploring other options on the market.

C. Final Thoughts on’s Suitability for Affiliate Marketers in 2023

In conclusion, is a powerful and reliable ad-tracking solution for affiliate marketers in 2023.

Its combination of advanced features, competitive pricing, and ease of use make it an attractive option for those looking to optimize their campaigns and maximize their success in the world of affiliate marketing.

Therefore, we strongly encourage you to take action today by signing up for a free trial of, experiencing the platform’s benefits firsthand, and ultimately unlocking your full potential as an affiliate marketer. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your marketing game with—join the ranks of successful affiliates now!

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