10 Best AI Novel Writing Software 2023

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In today’s digital age, the blend of traditional novel writing with the power of AI seems like a match made in literary heaven.

Imagine, for a moment, conjuring the magic of words for your next bestseller, enhanced by the precision and capabilities of artificial intelligence.

As the technological realm witnesses the meteoric rise of AI, the art of novel writing isn’t left behind.

It’s undergoing a paradigm shift, blending human creativity with machine intelligence.

In this guide, we venture deep into the realm of the best AI novel writing software of 2023, spotlighting tools that promise to amplify your storytelling finesse, making your narratives richer, more engaging, and undeniably compelling.

Why AI for Novel Writing?

At its core, writing is a deeply human endeavour, a tapestry of emotions, experiences, dreams, and memories.

So, why introduce AI into such a personal space?

The answer lies in augmentation, not replacement. Modern AI tools have evolved beyond mere automated text generators.

They have become sophisticated allies, equipped to provide insightful enhancements, intelligent suggestions, and an array of tools tailored to hone a writer’s craft.

But fear not, for these digital assistants are designed to uplift the writer’s unique voice, not dominate it.

Think of them as silent partners in your writing journey, offering a helping hand when needed, ensuring your creative essence remains front and centre, yet benefiting from the myriad advantages that AI brings to the table.

The 10 Best AI Novel Writing Software

Jasper.ai: An Overview

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Jasper.ai, previously known as Jarvis AI, is an advanced large language model (LLM) designed to revolutionize content creation.

It’s not just a typical text generator; it’s a comprehensive tool that can generate content, translate languages, and even answer intricate questions with a depth of understanding.


From content writing and copywriting to technical documentation and creative prose, Jasper.ai is versatile enough to cater to a wide array of needs.

Whether you’re looking to draft a new blog post, craft compelling ad copy, or even pen down a poem, Jasper.ai has got you covered.

Key Features

Diverse Writing Applications

Jasper.ai shines in its adaptability.

Users can leverage its capabilities for a variety of writing tasks, be it content writing, technical documentation, or even creative endeavors like poetry and short stories.

Additionally, its prowess in translating languages and answering complex questions makes it a valuable tool in any writer’s arsenal.

In-built Quality Assurance

Jasper.ai is not just about generating text; it’s about ensuring quality. With integrated grammar and plagiarism checkers, users can be confident in the originality and correctness of the content produced.

Pricing & Plans

an image of jasper ai monthly pricing plans
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Tailored to Your Needs

Understanding that different users have different needs, Jasper.ai offers a range of pricing plans.

From the ‘Starter’ package, ideal for individual users, to the ‘Boss’ plan for more heavy-duty content needs, and even custom ‘Business’ plans for large teams and enterprises, there’s a plan for everyone.

Test Before You Commit

One of Jasper.ai’s commendable features is its free trial.

This allows potential users to test the waters, understand the platform’s capabilities, and determine if it aligns with their content needs before making a financial commitment.

Pros and Cons


Jasper.ai’s strengths lie in its power and versatility. It’s user-friendly, offering a plethora of templates and writing styles, ensuring users get the desired output.

The added benefits of grammar and plagiarism checks further bolster its value proposition, making it a top choice for content creators.


While Jasper.ai is undoubtedly a game-changer, it’s not without its limitations.

Pricing might be a concern for some, especially individual users or small businesses.

Moreover, while it strives for perfection, the content generated might occasionally need manual edits.

Lastly, being a continuously evolving tool, there might be instances of inaccuracies or mistakes.

2. Copy.ai: A Comprehensive Insight

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What is Copy.ai?

Copy.ai is a state-of-the-art AI-driven content generation platform.

Harnessing the power of OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model, it offers a solution for diverse content needs, from blog posts and email drafts to social media snippets and ad campaigns.

With its ability to adapt to various writing styles, it stands out as a versatile tool in the content creation arsenal.

Driving Force

Built upon OpenAI’s GPT-3, Copy.ai’s engine is backed by one of the most advanced language models, ensuring quality and adaptability in content generation.

Key Features

Tailored Content Solutions

Copy.ai’s core strength is its adaptability.

Whether you’re crafting an email, drafting a blog, or designing a catchy ad copy, the platform has you covered.

Its diverse templates and prompts further enhance the user experience, guiding them to achieve the desired output.

Assuring Quality

Apart from content generation, Copy.ai takes quality seriously.

Integrated grammar and plagiarism checkers ensure that the content is not only engaging but also original and error-free.

Pricing & Plans

an image of copy ai monthly pricing plans
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Options for Everyone

Copy.ai understands that each user might have different needs and budgets.

Hence, it offers varied pricing plans.

From the ‘Starter’ plan for budding content creators to the ‘Pro’ package for more extensive needs, and even custom ‘Business’ plans tailored for large organizations, it provides options for everyone.

Experience Before Investment

Copy.ai believes in its capabilities and allows users to experience them first hand with a free trial, ensuring they know what they’re investing in.

Pros and Cons


Copy.ai is more than just a tool; it’s a comprehensive solution.

Its user-friendly interface combined with a vast array of templates makes content creation a breeze.

The added layer of grammar and plagiarism checks further instills confidence in the content’s quality.


While Copy.ai is transformative, it’s essential to approach it with realistic expectations.

The platform, like any AI-driven tool, may not always hit the mark, necessitating manual edits.

Furthermore, its ongoing development means that occasional hiccups or inaccuracies might arise.

3. Hypotenuse.ai: An In-depth Look

an image of hypotenuse ai welcome page
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What is Hypotenuse.ai?

Hypotenuse.ai stands as a leading AI writing assistant, designed to cater to a myriad of content needs.

Rooted in the power of a vast Large Language Model (LLM), it is built upon extensive datasets of text and code, making it adept at understanding and generating a wide array of content types.

A Novelist’s Companion

While Hypotenuse.ai is versatile in its applications, its capabilities particularly shine when leveraged for novel writing.

The AI’s understanding of narrative structures, character developments, and thematic elements can provide novelists with a solid foundation or even inspiration when they’re facing writer’s block.

Key Features

A Broad Spectrum of Applications

Hypotenuse.ai is not just confined to generic content creation.

Whether it’s drafting a blog, crafting product descriptions, or generating captivating ad copies, this tool ensures quality and versatility.

Its adaptability to various writing styles further enhances its appeal.

Writing Novels with Hypotenuse.ai

The platform’s capability to understand and replicate diverse writing styles makes it a promising tool for novelists.

Whether it’s helping outline plot points, fleshing out character backstories, or even suggesting thematic elements, Hypotenuse.ai can be a valuable assistant in a novelist’s journey.

Pricing & Plans

an image of hypotenuse ai monthly pricing plans
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A Plan for Every Need

Recognizing that every user might have distinct needs, Hypotenuse.ai offers a variety of pricing structures.

From the ‘Growth’ package tailored for budding content creators, to the ‘Pro’ plan for seasoned writers, and even custom ‘Enterprise’ plans designed for larger teams, there’s a plan for all.

Value Proposition

While investing in a tool like Hypotenuse.ai, it’s essential to understand its value.

The free trial offering provides potential users a glimpse of its capabilities, ensuring they know the value they’re receiving for their investment.

Pros and Cons


Hypotenuse.ai, with its intuitive interface and diverse template offerings, ensures a seamless content creation experience.

Its grammar and plagiarism checkers guarantee content integrity.

Moreover, its multi-language support and Shopify integration highlight its adaptability and business-oriented approach.


As with most AI-driven platforms, Hypotenuse.ai is continuously evolving.

While it offers a robust content generation framework, it’s not infallible. Users might occasionally need to refine the generated content manually.

4. Creaitor.ai: An Expansive Review

image of creaitor login page
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What is Creaitor.ai?

Creaitor.ai emerges as a cutting-edge AI writing assistant tailored to a broad spectrum of content needs.

At its core, it operates on a Large Language Model (LLM) that draws from extensive datasets of text and code, ensuring a high level of understanding and content generation capability.

Crafting Novels with Creaitor.ai

Creaitor.ai’s robust architecture and understanding of narrative structures make it a promising tool for novelists.

Whether it’s setting the stage, sketching characters, or weaving intricate plots, Creaitor.ai can provide novelists with foundational content or even spur moments of inspiration during writer’s block.

Key Features

Diverse Content Palette

Creaitor.ai is designed to cater to a variety of content requirements.

Whether it’s blog entries, detailed product descriptions, or captivating ad copy, the platform is equipped to deliver.

Its adaptability to various writing styles ensures content that resonates with the intended audience.

Novel Writing with Creaitor.ai

For aspiring and seasoned novelists alike, Creaitor.ai can serve as a beneficial companion.

The AI’s grasp of themes, tones, and narrative arcs can help lay down the groundwork for a novel, providing a solid starting point that writers can then build upon and refine.

Pricing & Plans

an image of creaitor ai monthly pricing plan

Tailored for All

Creaitor.ai presents a range of pricing options, understanding that every user’s needs and budgets might differ.

From the ‘Basic’ package suitable for occasional content needs, to the ‘Professional’ plan that offers unlimited character generation, there’s a plan for every writer.

Value Proposition

Before making a commitment, Creaitor.ai allows potential users to experience its capabilities with a free trial, ensuring they grasp the platform’s value proposition.

Pros and Cons


Creaitor.ai’s intuitive design ensures a smooth user experience.

With a myriad of templates and prompts, coupled with grammar and plagiarism checks, it promises content that’s not only engaging but also of high integrity.

Additionally, multi-language support and Shopify integration highlight its adaptability and business-centric approach.


While Creaitor.ai is a transformative tool, perfection isn’t always guaranteed.

Users might occasionally find themselves refining the content manually, ensuring it aligns with their vision.

Continuous development also means the tool is evolving, and occasional inaccuracies might emerge.

5. Rytr: Unfolding the Narrative

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What is Rytr?

Rytr emerges as a dynamic AI-powered writing assistant designed to cater to a diverse array of content requirements.

Underpinned by a sophisticated Large Language Model (LLM) with training from extensive datasets, it promises to revolutionize the content creation process.

Rytr and Novel Creation

Rytr vast database and understanding of literary elements position it as an excellent tool for novelists.

Whether it’s conceptualizing a plot, detailing character nuances, or setting the thematic tone, Rytr can provide invaluable assistance, offering both foundational content and bursts of creative inspiration.

Key Features

An Array of Content Solutions

Rytr.me is not just another content generator.

Its capabilities stretch from creating engaging blog entries and detailed product descriptions to crafting compelling ad copy.

The adaptability to multiple writing styles ensures it can resonate with varied audiences.

Crafting Novels with Rytr.me

The platform’s intricate understanding of storytelling elements makes it particularly advantageous for novelists.

Be it plot twists, character dialogues, or atmospheric descriptions, Rytr.me can offer a strong starting point, laying down the skeleton of a novel that writers can then flesh out and personalize.

Pricing & Plans

an image of rytr monthly pricing plans

An Option for Every Writer

Rytr.me understands the diverse needs of its user base and offers pricing plans to match.

From a ‘Free’ plan catering to occasional users to an ‘Unlimited’ package for those with extensive requirements, there’s a plan tailored for every writer.

Value for Money

Given its capabilities, Rytr.me presents a significant value proposition.

The platform also offers a free trial, ensuring users can gauge its effectiveness before opting for a paid plan.

Pros and Cons


Rytr.me’s strengths lie in its affordable pricing, user-friendly interface, and diverse templates.

The added layers of grammar and plagiarism checks ensure content quality.

Support for multiple languages and Shopify integration only adds to its appeal.


While Rytr.me is undeniably transformative, it’s essential to manage expectations.

The generated content might occasionally fall short of perfection, necessitating manual edits.

Continuous development also implies the platform is evolving, potentially leading to occasional inaccuracies.

6. Sudowrite: A Novelist’s Digital Companion

an image of sudowrite welcome page

What is Sudowrite?

Sudowrite positions itself as a unique AI writing aid, with a clear emphasis on assisting fiction writers.

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Sudowrite not only helps in generating story ideas and plot points but can also flesh out comprehensive stories, ensuring that novelists never face the dreaded writer’s block.

Sudowrite: A Novel Approach to Fiction

What sets Sudowrite apart in the vast sea of AI writing tools is its tailored approach for novelists.

By providing prompts, templates, and even complete narrative structures, it ensures that writers have a solid foundation to weave their tales.

Key Features

Beyond Generic Content

Sudowrite isn’t just another AI writing tool. Its capabilities span from brainstorming intricate plot twists, laying down character arcs, to providing full-blown narrative structures, making it a valuable tool in a novelist’s arsenal.

The Novel Edge

With Sudowrite, novelists have a trusted partner.

Whether it’s a nudge in the right direction for a plot twist, developing a character’s backstory, or even suggesting thematic elements, Sudowrite ensures the narrative retains depth and complexity.

Pricing & Plans

an image of sudowrite pricing plans

Designed for Every Writer

Understanding the varied needs of its user base, Sudowrite offers a range of pricing options.

From the ‘Starter’ plan, catering to budding novelists, to the ‘Pro’ plan designed for seasoned writers, there’s a package for every stage of the writing journey.

Value Proposition

Sudowrite believes in letting its capabilities speak for themselves, offering a free trial to potential users.

This ensures that writers can gauge the platform’s potential before committing financially.

Pros and Cons


Sudowrite stands out with its user-centric design, array of templates, and writing prompts tailored for fiction.

Additionally, the grammar and plagiarism checks ensure that the narrative retains originality and is free from common errors.


As with any tool, Sudowrite is not without its limitations.

While its capabilities are vast, writers might occasionally find the need to manually refine the generated content.

Continuous development means Sudowrite is in a state of evolution, which might lead to occasional oversights.

7. Writesonic: A Novelist’s Digital Muse

an image of writesonic welcome page

What is Writesonic?

Writesonic emerges as a cutting-edge AI writing tool, built to cater to an extensive range of content needs.

From concise social media posts to immersive stories and poems, it leverages the power of a robust Large Language Model (LLM).

Trained on expansive datasets, Writesonic promises to be a game-changer in the realm of content creation.

Writesonic for Novels

At its core, Writesonic understands the nuances of storytelling.

Novelists can harness its capabilities to brainstorm novel ideas, craft intricate plot twists, develop multidimensional characters, and even set the thematic tone of their works.

It provides a solid foundation upon which writers can expand and build their narratives.

Key Features

A Versatile Content Generator

Writesonic isn’t confined to one type of content. Its prowess extends from generating engaging articles, blog posts, and social media content to crafting poems and full-fledged stories. Its adaptability to different writing styles makes it an invaluable tool for novelists.

Crafting Novels with Writesonic

With Writesonic, writers gain a digital partner.

Whether it’s creating the initial draft, suggesting plot developments, or even helping with character dialogues, Writesonic provides invaluable insights.

It’s like having a brainstorming buddy available at all times.

Pricing & Plans

an image of writesonic monthly pricing plans
Click the image to try writesonic for free

Tailored to Every Need

Writesonic understands that every writer’s needs are unique.

Thus, it offers a diverse range of pricing plans, from the ‘Starter’ package for budding writers to the ‘Enterprise’ plan for large teams or businesses.

Value Proposition

Writesonic allows users to experience its capabilities firsthand with a free trial.

This ensures novelists can understand its potential and ascertain its fit in their writing process before making a financial commitment.

Pros and Cons


Writesonic impresses with its intuitive interface, diverse templates, and writing prompts tailored for different content needs.

The added features of grammar and plagiarism checks are a boon for writers. Integration with platforms like Shopify and support for multiple languages further amplify its appeal.


While Writesonic is undeniably powerful, it’s essential to note that it might occasionally produce content that needs refining.

As it’s a tool in constant evolution, there might be occasional inconsistencies in the results.

A hands-on approach, with a mix of AI-generated content and personal refinement, yields the best results.

8. LongShot AI: Crafting Stories with Artificial Intelligence

an image of longshot ai welcome page

What is LongShot AI?

LongShot AI, built upon the foundations of advanced language models, emerges as a revolutionary tool in the domain of content creation.

While its capabilities encompass a broad spectrum, from blog posts to ad copies, its prowess in assisting novelists remains unparalleled.

By leveraging vast datasets, LongShot AI aims to bring fictional worlds to life.

Crafting Novels with LongShot AI

The journey of writing a novel is both enthralling and challenging.

LongShot AI stands as a steadfast ally in this journey, aiding in the ideation process, fleshing out intriguing plot twists, creating compelling character backstories, and even suggesting thematic undertones that could elevate the narrative.

Key Features

Beyond Standard Content Creation

While LongShot AI is versatile enough to handle a variety of content types, its capacity to generate intricate fictional narratives sets it apart.

Writers can use the platform to explore different writing styles, ensuring their novels resonate with their intended audience.

Novel Writing with LongShot AI

The tool offers tailored templates and prompts for novelists.

Whether you’re facing writer’s block or just need a creative nudge, LongShot AI can suggest plot developments, character interactions, or even entire chapters, making the novel-writing process more seamless.

Pricing & Plans

an image of longshot ai pricing plans

Diverse Offerings for Every Writer

LongShot AI’s pricing structure is designed to cater to both budding writers and established novelists.

With plans ranging from ‘Growth’ to ‘Enterprise’, it ensures every writer finds a package that aligns with their needs.

Value for Money

The platform’s free trial is a testament to its confidence in delivering value.

This allows novelists to explore the tool’s capabilities and determine how it can augment their writing process before making a financial commitment.

Pros and Cons

The Strengths of LongShot AI

What makes LongShot AI stand out is its intuitive interface, diverse writing prompts tailored for fiction, and the capability to generate content in multiple languages.

Integration with platforms like Shopify further broadens its utility.

Areas of Refinement

While LongShot AI is undeniably potent, writers might occasionally find the need to refine the generated content to match their unique voice.

Being an evolving tool, there might be moments of inconsistency in its outputs.

However, these minor hitches do not overshadow its overall benefits.

9. Grammarly: The Novelist’s Writing Assistant

an image of grammarly welcome page

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly stands out as a cutting-edge AI-driven writing tool, meticulously designed to refine and enhance writing across various platforms.

While it is revered for its impeccable grammar and spelling checks, its potential in assisting novelists to sculpt their narratives remains largely untapped.

Whether you’re crafting a mystery thriller or a historical romance, Grammarly ensures your prose remains captivating and error-free.

Grammarly for Novel Writing

Precision and Clarity

When narrating a story, clarity is paramount.

Grammarly scans your text to identify convoluted sentences, offering suggestions to enhance readability.

This ensures that your novel’s intricate plot twists and character dynamics are communicated effectively.

Consistent Writing Style

Novelists often grapple with maintaining a consistent tone and style.

Grammarly’s style checking provides feedback on potential tone shifts, ensuring characters and narratives remain consistent throughout.

Vocabulary Enhancement

To captivate readers, a novelist must employ a rich and varied vocabulary.

Grammarly’s vocabulary suggestions can help writers avoid repetition, enriching the narrative’s language and ensuring every sentence packs a punch.

Pricing & Plans

an image of grammarly pricing plans

Invest in Flawless Writing

While Grammarly offers a robust free version catering to basic writing needs, its premium and business plans unlock a realm of advanced features.

These features are particularly beneficial for novelists, from sophisticated style suggestions to in-depth clarity enhancements.

Value Proposition

Though some might find the premium plans a bit steep, the investment is justifiable for novelists.

The advanced feedback and comprehensive checks can significantly reduce editing time and costs in the long run

Pros and Cons

The Strengths of Grammarly

From its user-friendly interface to its multi-platform accessibility, Grammarly offers novelists a seamless experience.

Its robust checking algorithms ensure that even the most subtle errors are detected, allowing writers to focus on the story rather than the syntax.

Areas for Consideration

However, Grammarly, like any automated tool, isn’t infallible.

It might occasionally misinterpret stylistic choices as errors.

Thus, while it’s a valuable assistant, novelists should use their discretion when considering its suggestions.

10.Shortly AI: A Novelist’s Digital Muse

an image of shortly ai welcome page

What is Shortly AI?

In an era where digital tools are revolutionizing content creation, Shortly AI emerges as a beacon for novelists.

At its core, it’s an AI-powered writing assistant, but its capabilities extend beyond just grammar corrections.

With its proficiency in generating diverse content, Shortly AI serves as a co-writer, helping novelists weave intricate tales and compelling narratives.

Why is Shortly AI Suited for Novel Writing?

Boundless Creativity

Every novelist knows the dread of writer’s block.

Here’s where Shortly AI shines.

By providing prompts or initiating storylines, it sparks creativity, allowing the narrative to flow seamlessly.

Versatility in Writing Styles

Whether you’re penning a gothic romance or a futuristic sci-fi, Shortly AI adapts to various writing styles.

It can emulate tones and styles, ensuring the narrative remains consistent.

Character and Plot Development

Coming up with multifaceted characters or intricate subplots can be challenging.

With its vast knowledge base, Shortly AI can suggest character backgrounds, potential plot twists, or even dialogues, enriching the depth of the story.

Pricing & Plans

an image of shortly ai monthly pricimg plans

Tailored to Every Writer’s Needs

From budding authors trying their hand with a limited word count on the free plan, to seasoned novelists opting for the Pro plan, Shortly AI offers a range of pricing options, ensuring accessibility for all.

Value for Novelists

Considering the depth and breadth of content required for novels, the Pro plan, offering 10,000 words per day, stands out as an enticing offer for novelists.

Pros And Cons


Shortly AI’s intuitive interface, diverse template options, and multi-language support make it a formidable tool.

Its grammar and plagiarism checks ensure the manuscript remains pristine.


However, perfection is elusive.

Like any AI tool, Shortly AI might occasionally misinterpret a writer’s intent or offer suggestions that don’t align with the story’s essence.

Novelists should, therefore, view it as an assistant rather than a replacement.


In the ever-evolving landscape of novel writing, AI-powered tools are leaving an indelible mark.

They’re not just assistants; they’re collaborators.

From generating intriguing plot twists to refining sentence structures, these software solutions are transforming the way we approach novel writing.

They bridge the gap between human creativity and machine precision, offering novelists an unparalleled synergy of both worlds.

The ten software tools discussed offer a glimpse into the future of novel writing, where creativity meets technology.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the best AI software for writing a book?

While each AI software has its unique strengths, your choice should depend on your specific needs. For intricate plot development and character creation, tools like Shortly AI and LongShot AI are commendable. However, for comprehensive editing and style refinement, Grammarly remains a top contender.

What is the best AI to write a book report?

For book reports, which require summarization and critical analysis, Grammarly is a strong choice due to its clarity and style checking features. Additionally, Writesonic and Rytr.me, with their summary generation capabilities, can be of great assistance.

Is there an AI that can write a book?

Yes, several AI tools, such as Shortly AI, LongShot AI, and Writesonic, have the capability to generate extensive content that can span the length of a book. However, while they can lay the groundwork, human intervention is essential for nuanced storytelling.

Can an AI write a good novel?

AI tools can certainly assist in the process by generating ideas, dialogues, and even plot twists. However, the heart and soul of a good novel often come from human experiences, emotions, and creativity. AI can be a co-writer, but the essence of a compelling novel typically originates from a human touch.

How do AI writing tools compare to traditional writing software?

Traditional writing software primarily focuses on word processing with basic grammar and spell checks. In contrast, AI writing tools not only correct errors but also generate content, offer style suggestions, and even provide plot ideas, making them more dynamic and interactive.

Final Thoughts

The realm of novel writing is undergoing a transformation.

AI is not just a tool; it’s a partner in the creative process.

While it’s important to acknowledge the power and potential of AI in aiding novelists, it’s equally crucial to remember the irreplaceable value of human touch, emotion, and experience in storytelling.

Embrace AI as a co-writer, a muse, but let the heart of the story always remain intrinsically human.

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